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Lady VapingThe Benefits of Vaping Over Traditional Smoking.

If you happen to smoke, or know somebody else who smokes, then you or they will have probably, at some point in time, considered quitting. Quitting smoking isn't as easy as one might think. When somebody makes the conscious decision to attempt to quit smoking, they're almost certainly doing it to prolong their lives, and make their lives happier, and healthier.....

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Tribal SmokingWhat is Vaping & How Does it Work?

Vaping, or vaporizing, is a new concept which has changed smoking forever. Tobacco smoking can be tracked back all the way to 5000BC, when shamans commonly smoked the plant in rituals. Basically, smokers have been stuck with having to inhale thousands of harmful chemicals ever since. Electronic cigarettes now offer a fantastic alternative....

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Bad TeethHealth Benefits of Switching To Healthy Smoking.

Does your perception of beauty include traits or factors like mouth ulcers, lung cancer, mouth cancer, yellow teeth, black lips and rotten gums? If that sounds grotesque and ugly to you then why do you take the risk of spoiling your personality and health by conventional tobacco smoking? Every doctor, hospital, news channel and country’s ministry are....

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Tribal SmokingSavings of Vaping Compared to Smoking.

All smokers will agree that the price of cigarettes only ever goes one way – Up. Recent taxes brought the price of a single pack of cigarettes up to around £7.50. That's close to what people used to pay for an entire box of 100.....

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Lady VapingClearomisers, Cartimisers and Atomisers.

It's a great idea to switch from smoking cigarettes to using the safer and more affordable electronic cigarettes and Shisha Pens. However, there are three different things that you might notice when you take a look at all of these products. These are Clearomisers, Cartimisers and Atomisers. All of these items use heating coils that are powered up through batteries.....

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