The Benefits of Vaping Over Traditional Smoking.

Vapeing ShopIf you happen to smoke, or know somebody else who smokes, then you or they will have probably, at some point in time, considered quitting. Quitting smoking isn't as easy as one might think. When somebody makes the conscious decision to attempt to quit smoking, they're almost certainly doing it to prolong their lives, and make their lives happier, and healthier. As you already probably know, smoking is an extremely addictive, dangerous, smelly, and expensive habit that could quite literally, end your life! This isn't us trying to be dramatic either. Every single year, hundreds of thousands of people die as a result of their smoking. Smoking can cause various cancers, strokes, heart attacks, bad breath, bad teeth, causes you to smell, and it's expensive too! In essence, you're spending your money on feeding an addiction that makes you ill! "Where's The Logic in That?"....

If you feel like you've tried every method of quitting, under the sun, with little success,, then you obviously haven't tried what is known as "Vaping". In this article we'll be looking at several of the benefits of vaping over traditional smoking. Contained within we'll be giving you a little information about exactly what vaping is, and then providing you with a few of the many benefits that vaping possesses.

So What Exactly is Vaping?
Vaping refers to vaporization, which is basically where a solid element (liquid), becomes a gas (vapour). Vaping is basically the use of what is known as an Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig), or a Shisha Pen, to inhale water molecules, in the form of a gas. When we become addicted to cigarettes, it is the nicotine they contain, that we become addicted to. Not the tar and tobacco. E-Cigs contain a device known as an atomizer, which converts liquid into a fine smoke like mist. The liquid comes from an E-Cig cartridge, which contains water with just enough nicotine to help satisfy the body's addiction. The cigs look just like cigarettes or can be in the form of a pen like device called a Shisha Pen. You simply put the device in your mouth. Inhale the vapour, and then exhale. The vapour has been converted into a fine mist that even looks exactly like smoke. Over time you gradually decrease the amounts of nicotine, until you're completely craving free.

What About The Benefits?
As we mentioned, eCigs and Shisha pens have a whole host of benefits when compared to traditional cigarettes. Some of these include:

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No Actual Smoke - The vapour may look like smoke, but it is merely liquid. That means that your clothes don't smell, you don't smell, and you don't have to do it outside as it's completely odourless.

Much Safer Than Cigarettes - Cigarettes contain a number of harmful chemicals which can cause various illnesses and diseases, including cancer. eCigs are 99.9% safer than cigarettes, as they don't contain these dangerous chemicals. 

Will Save You Money - When you buy an eCig, all you need to do is buy replacement cartridges every so often. These cartridges last much, much longer than a pack of 20 cigarettes, and they're no way near as expensive either, so big savings to be made. 

They're Battery Powered - In order to smoke a cigarette, you need to set fire to it, and inhale the chemical soaked smoke. eCigs are battery powered, meaning that there's no burning of any kind required. Simply pop it on charge in the evening, and the next day you're good to go. 

Vaping Has Been Proven to be The Most Effective Method of Quitting Smoking - Nothing more needs to be said about that surely? Studies and surveys have shown that Vaping has been the most effective way of quitting smoking, and has yielded successful results within a matter of weeks for many people.

Forget Your Nicotine Patches, Your So Called "Minty Fresh Nicotine Gum"
Vaping is The Leading Method of Quitting Traditional Smoking Forever, Without Question!

"The Best & Most Affordable Alternative to Traditional Tobacco Smoking"

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