Clearomisers, Cartimisers and Atomisers.

Vapiong ShopIt's a great idea to switch from smoking cigarettes to using the safer and more affordable electronic cigarettes and Shisha Pens. However, there are three different things that you might notice when you take a look at all of these products. These are Clearomisers, Cartimisers and Atomisers and they are, all three, different things that work in their own ways to provide you with quality alternatives to traditional smoking.

All of these items use heating coils that are powered up through batteries to make them all functional. These coils are used to heat up the eLiquid or other filler to make it easier for your Juice to be heated. They can also be accentuated with one of many different flavors to simulate a proper cigarette taste or to even get something that is a little more unique in terms of flavour and how it tastes. There are still a few particular differences that have to be taken in to consideration when getting these items ready for use.

First, the Clearomiser is a unique product that provides you with a good smoking experience without the use of any filler materials. This features a metal tube that will go up into the middle part of an eCigarette and will heat your liquid. This liquid is heated to create a flavor that will be easy to inhale and can be released into the air as harmless water vapor. 

Vapiong ShopA Cartimiser is a different type of product to use. It uses a single unit that includes a heating coil and a cartridge in the same unit. Any filler can be found here with heating coils located around the space where the filler is placed. The liquid for the Cartimiser goes into this space soaking the filler to make the Vape right. Some Cartimisers can also have two different coils instead of one as normally seen in most Clearomisers. This could create an extra bit of resistance and a little more flavor in what you have to smoke with. 

An Atomiser is different with a few key points in mind. First, it is a product that has a higher rate of resistance than other electronic cigarettes. This means that it will last for a little longer and will not require as much recharging as other options. Cartridges are particularly needed for this product as they will prepare a particular flavor that is easy to enjoy. Sometimes this is preferred when finding a way to get a unique flavor every time as an atomiser does not have to be washed.

These are three good options when finding the right choice for your smoking experience. Be sure to compare these with each other to get a good idea of what you prefer whilst Vaping.

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