Cost Savings of Vaping Compared to Traditional Smoking.

Save MoneyAll smokers will agree that the price of cigarettes only ever goes one way – Up. Recent taxes brought the price of a single pack of cigarettes up to around £7.50. That's close to what people used to pay for an entire box of 100. Avoiding the crippling cost of regular cigarettes is one of the main reasons that people make the switch to electronic cigarettes. Read on and learn why electronic cigarettes can save you money and how much you can expect to save.

Don't Be Fooled By The Upfront Cost.

A common misconception that smokers have is that electronic cigarettes are actually more expensive. They base this on the fact that a standard starter kit will typically cost between £10 - £30. In contrast they can typically purchase a pack of cigarettes for less than ten pounds. However this logic is flawed.

When you purchase a starter kit it will typically contain between 3 – 6 nicotine cartridges depending on how expensive the kit is. A single cartridge can provide as much as 200 puffs depending on how efficient the device is that you are using. That's the equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes.

How Much Can You Save With Electronic Cigarettes.

The exact amount that you can save with electronic cigarettes will depend upon how much you currently smoke and where you are buying your regular cigarettes. For most counties in the UK you will pay around £6 to £7 per pack. The price may be a little less if you are smoking budget brands & higher if you smoke traditional brand names.

In contrast you can expect to pay about £3 for a nicotine cartridge for an electronic cigarette. Assuming that you are moderately heavy smoker who smokes one pack a day, you can expect to spend £2,346 a year on traditional cigarettes. In contrast if you used electronic cigarettes instead you would spend about £1,083 a year. That means that by simply making the switch to electronic cigarettes you can expect to save yourself £1,262 a year or half what you would spend on regular cigarettes.

Over the long run making the switch to electronic cigarettes can result in massive savings. If you changed to electronic cigarettes today and vaped for the next 30 years you could expect to save over £37,000!

Save With Home Delivery.

Save MoneyEver need to go to your corner store or grocery to pick up a pack of cigarettes? Each time you do it is costing you time and money. One of the best things about switching to electronic cigarettes is the home delivery program that is typically available. Based on your estimated usage, replacement cartridges will be delivered to your front door before you ever run out. The savings on transportation alone can be significant.

The Real Savings On Electronic Cigarettes.

Finally the real savings on electronic cigarettes aren't the direct ones that you pay for your cartridges. It is the potential savings on medical bills and doctors visits. The nicotine cartridges used in electronic cigarettes do not contain, the more than 2,000, toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes. Those toxic chemicals can cause a wide range of health complaints from high blood pressure, respiratory problems, dental issues, eyesight degeneration, ulcers and lung cancer. The medical cost of these conditions can be huge.

Electronic cigarettes provide the same flavor and experience as traditional cigarettes but at a fraction of cost. Switching to electronic cigarettes is the smart way to enjoy your nicotine fix without blowing your budget.

"The Best & Most Affordable Alternative to Traditional Tobacco Smoking"

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