What is Vaping & How Does it Work?

Tribal SmokingVaping, or vaporizing, is a new concept which has changed smoking forever. Tobacco smoking can be tracked back all the way to 5000BC, when shamans commonly smoked the plant in rituals. Basically, smokers have been stuck with having to inhale thousands of harmful chemicals ever since. Electronic cigarettes now offer a fantastic alternative which improves on the analogue cigarette in practically every way.

From now on in, the old fashioned cigarette, cigar and roll-up are likely to become far more rare of a sight. Vaping is taking off hugely as more and more smokers discover their future lies with the far healthier, more enjoyable alternative to inhaling smoke from burning plant material. The more you think about it, the more the entire concept of setting fire to a plant and drawing in the smoke seems like a really, really harmful idea.

Vaping can simply be seen as smoking but with no requirement for any tobacco. New vaporizing devices called electronic cigarettes produce clouds of vapour, or mist, not real carcinogenic-filled smoke. Essentially, the e-cigarette replaces combustion with vaporizing. The health benefits of this relatively simple switch are astronomical. 

These gadgets are also very commonly referred to as eCigs. They contain a heating element powered by a battery, which turns the "e-liquid" (nicotine and flavour filling) in to a vapour cloud. It's inhaled just like a normal cigarette, which adds to the authenticity of the "smoking" experience.

Tobacco companies are noticing a swift decline in sales as popularity of vaping is booming across the globe. Lobbyists have been attempting to take away the right of the people to take up vaporizing as a potentially life saving decision. Big Tobacco and Governments are facing huge losses in revenue from cigarette sales, which is quite a scary prospect for them. Nobody expected how popular and how effective the electric cigarette would be, and how it's set to increase in it's use around the world for years to come. 

Shisha PenThe look and feel of the ecig can be highly reminiscent of a real cigarette or more like a technical pen device. The functioning is similar, especially with automatic batteries which don't require the user to push down a button to activate the heating element- it does it automatically when the device is drawn on. One particular thing which really deters smokers from other smoking alternatives such as nicotine gum is that they are never remotely similar to a cigarette in their delivery methods. Whilst getting the nicotine in to your system is one point, the meditation-like process of actually smoking is another.

Vaping is the only alternative which offers this really important aspect of the whole process.

The reasoning behind the creation of the electronic cigarette makes a whole lot of sense. Cigarettes are so incredibly harmful, but quitting them is very difficult. Why couldn't there be a method to inhale nicotine without the combustion of plant matter? Why is there any need to set fire to a stick of dried tobacco? There certainly isn't any more.

The eCig or Shisha Pen is superior in so many ways, there's really no reason not to make the switch.

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